Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy:1931-2015

                                       This morning after breakfast I had the great misfortune of learning that actor Leonard Nimoy-famous for,among many things,for his portrayal of famous half Vulcan/half human (and American television icon) Spock throughout the Star Trek saga. He passed away of end stage COPD this morning at his home in Bel Air at the age of 83. In this day and age? The idea of a someone from America's silent generation passing away should not shock me. But I am not a cynic. I am a full blooded human. And it does have an emotional effect on me.

                                    One of the things that fascinated me most about Nimoy and his famous character over the years is how much he said for anyone (such as myself) of an overtly biracial heritage. In his case? Spock was a character who basically had an emotionally based half (human) and a logical based half (Vulcan). And Nimoy made sure to infuse his character with that duel nature as his core element. And through 79 original Start Trek episodes, six motion pictures plus guest appearance in Star Trek The Next Generation and JJ Abrams' two relaunch Trek films? Nimoy never lost sight of Spock's depth of duality.

                                     There are those two ways to view the man's passing for me. The emotional human way would be that the character of Spock was representative of me growing up being able to see different people as creatures of death,not merely hollow shells of mostly water just living to die. On the logical Vulcan level? That would best be expressed in a line Nimoy himself voiced,speaking to his younger self as Spock in the animated Star Trek episode 'The Infinite Vulcan'.  He explained how logic would enable one to face death without tears-by understanding that all life comes to an end when time demands it. In closing I would like to wish my deepest sympathies to Nimoy's family,co-stars and close friends for the loss of this talented actor,director,poet,singer and (as I learned a decade ago) photographer. Live long and prosper!